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Listen to some of my latest "original" demo compositions in My Music Area ,
where I created all the instrument parts on a Roland FA-06 music workstation.

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    Bob's Bio


    An okay California guy, I hail from a smallish town 70 miles northwest of Fresno called Los Banos. I've lived in such
    places as Fresno, Monterey, San Diego, Los Angeles, Pleasanton, Livermore, and Folsom. My tawdry history includes
    five years playing keyboards with the 11th Hour, and twenty-five as a computer programmer. I like most manner
    of sports, traveling, food, good wine and smooth jazz music. I once had a real estate license; once golfed an honest 77;
    once shoveled way too much snow in Fargo; and once was a milkman. Really.

    If you feel up to it, muddle around in a desperate search for some excitement. There could be a tiny surprise. Browse
    my Portfolio page for old clips of my writings. Take a gander in My Music Area, where you can listen to some ancient live
    recordings of the 11th Hour and Sidewalk Arcade, along with my latest original songs. It's how I spend my elder days.
    My stuff can also be found on Soundcloud.

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    Some Favorite Links

  • Las Vegas, Las Vegas - Most visited place on earth. Find out what's happening.
  • The Wynn Hotel - Favorite place to stay when in Vegas.
  • Fabulous Monterey Hotel - Lived here a year as a member of the house band.
  • Musical Instrument Museum - Always worth a visit. One of the best anywhere.
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