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My latest original Song Demos are further down, all created on a Roland FA-06 workstation.
My stuff can also be found on Soundcloud. It's what I do now as a geezer.

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The location of that cymbal is the reason I no longer can hear out of my right ear. Eh?

Another fabulous Bobby solo on the Rhodes piano. Well... maybe not.

Gene cranking it out - such a tremendous singer and entertainer. Heart and Soul of the band.

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rose letter

What ever happened to that big songwriting career, Bob?... Oh, yeah.

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The 11th Hour Live was recorded between 1983-1985 in venues in Fresno and Monterey, CA. That's my brother Gene and
Diane DeGallery sharing the lead vocals. Gene once had his own showband entitled the Sidewalk Arcade that toured the
country in the early seventies. He was a marvelous vocalist and front man. We launched the 11th Hour in Fresno in 1980,
doing all types of weddings and parties, and naturally turned it into a full-time endeavor. Playing mostly local clubs, we
eventually became the house band at what used to be the Doubletree Hotel, at the wharf in Monterey. What a place! Living
in a luxury hotel and playing music six nights a week was truly living the dream. I ran the band for 6 months following
Gene's death in 1985. It could never be the same. Take a listen if you've got the time. And thanks.

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11th Hour GeneBob

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Promo Clip

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disc Caribbean Queen - 6:51

disc Nightshift - 4:34

disc Circles - 4:18

disc Let's Go Dancin - 4:01

disc Penny Lover - 6:20

disc Stormy - 5:52

disc Let The Good Times Roll - 3:21

disc Band Promo - 11:46

Diane and Gene were not only dynamic vocally, but wonderful on stage together.

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disc It's A Shame - 3:23

disc It's Not Unusual - 2:08

disc Kung Fu Fighting - 3:07

disc Rockin' Robin/Horns Medley - 6:40

disc Operator - 4:54

disc Sunny Side - 1:34

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All demo songs written by Bob Souza. Copyright 2022-2023. All Rights Reserved.

All instrument parts created by Bob Souza on a Roland FA-06 music workstation.
Creation and Production done entirely on the workstation.
Good speakers = Better sound.

Bob Face Keyboard

disc Party Animals - 3:26

disc I Feel Just Fine - 4:13

disc Call Me Fussy - 3:22

disc Workin On The Farm - 3:05

disc Piece O' Cake - 3:14

disc My Pillow Angel - 3:32

disc Wiggle Wobble - 3:08

disc All Hat No Horse - 3:47

disc Pipe Dream - 3:30

disc No Hard Feelings - 3:26

disc No Goodbye - 2:46

disc Fat Elbow Grease - 3:25

disc Summer Al Fresco - 3:32

disc Know Yer Onions - 3:40

disc Rat Face - 3:42

disc Itchy Fingers - 3:06

disc Whatever Happened - 2:58

disc Face The Music - 3:29

disc A Big Sore Thumb - 3:07

disc Fried Country - 3:32

disc Silky Sweet - 3:18

disc Horseplay - 3:50

disc Through The Nose - 4:16

disc If Only - 3:09

disc Living Strong - 3:49

disc Navajo Mountain - 3:38

disc Arizona Hot Man - 3:21

disc Red Rover - 3:38

disc Wake Me Gently - 3:26

disc Talk With Me - 3:20

disc More Scuttlebutt - 3:31

disc Easy Does It - 3:02

disc A Traveling Itch - 3:32

disc Get A Grip - 3:54

disc Moonlight Dance - 3:12

disc Get A Move On - 3:35

disc Oh Cheerio - 3:03

disc All Hands Meet - 3:25

disc Cartel Busters - 3:54

disc Pass The Hat - 3:15

disc Picking A Bone - 3:40

disc Smell Of Piano - 3:38

disc Smell Of Horns - 3:30

Please email to with any feedback. Always appreciated.
Song list last updated on May 28th, 2023.

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Some Favorites

  • Sidro's Armada - Legendary Las Vegas show band. Nobody did it better.
  • Beverlee Brown - "Danny's Song", with Sidro's Armada. Pure pleasure.
  • The Rippingtons - Featuring Russ Freeman on guitar. Just a superb band.
  • George Benson - Great talent. Has brought years of entertainment to so many.
  • Smooth Jazz News - Your source for contemporary smooth jazz.
  • Musicians Contact - Service for finding work as a musician, singer, or band.
  • Roland FA Videos - Excellent source for instruction for the Roland FA keyboards.
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    Roland FA-06 Music Workstation
    JBL 306P Studio Speakers (2)
    Zoom R-24 Digital Recorder
    Zoom MRT-3 Micro Rhythm Trak
    Bose Headphones
    Shure SM58 Microphones
    Plenty of Cables

    Hammond M100 Organ
    Leslie 147RV Speaker
    Rhodes 73 Suitcase Electric Piano
    Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 Synthesizer
    Moog Opus-3 Synthesizer
    Korg Poly 800 Synthesizer
    Clavia Nord Electro 2 Virtual Electromechanical Keyboard
    Roland JV-80 Multi-Timbral Synthesizer
    Roland KC-300 Keyboard Amplifier
    Sunn AX 112 Stage Monitor
    Bose PA System
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    Cubase Sequencing Software
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    Fostex Model R8 Recorder
    Fostex Model 812 Mixer
    Alesis Quadraverb Effects
    Ampex Studio Mastering Tapes
    Boss BF2 Flanger
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    Plenty of Cables

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