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This page contains some sample excerpts of personal travel and dining experiences.


DETROIT - a yuletide trek

When you imagine a trip to the Motor City in late November, the images of a frigid, gray and boring experience
are generally what fill your mind. This year's excursion certainly contained plenty of that. But there's nothing that
says you can't get lucky once in a while and come away with a rewarding, memorable vacation. I guess this was
our turn for the luck.

It's no secret the area of Detroit has vast and numerous areas of bleakness, particularly in the downtown segment.
But if you search a bit, you can be led to some entirely different and quite special places - particularly if all you've
ever known is California. Sure, you're not going to see mountains or even hills, but you also won't see continuous
miles of cookie-cutter tract homes and businesses all wedged tightly together. Brick homes decorated for the
holidays, leafless trees of autumn, and snowflakes flying in the wind all contributed to our sweet melancholy mood.

We spent half of one day browsing through the suburb of Northville. A quaint and clean little town, it boasts of
having two of the best upscale restaurants in the metro area. And we happily tried them both, Mackinnon's for
lunch, and Little Italy for dinner. We were not disappointed. I think the phrase "best trout I've ever tasted" is still
being exclaimed around here. Fabulous food can go a long way to enhance one's disposition!

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