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FOLSOM - not just a prison

Had legendary singer Johnny Cash really wanted to put the city of Folsom on the map, he could have taken the time to
compose a different kind of tune from his 1956 single "Folsom Prison Blues". This California town has far more to offer
than living quarters for those gone wrong. And since Johnny never actually was a resident in the prison, perhaps he
should have looked to explore the beauty outside the walls.

Despite the present progressive look, Folsom is actually an old city with a rich history, having been the hub of the freight
and Pony Express lines during the Gold Rush period. These days, it is home to some fifty-three thousand residents, and
expanding at a furious pace. However, the charming downtown still exudes the quaint ambience of an old mining town,
nestled alongside the river. The location is ideal - on the foothills just 20 miles east of metropolitan Sacramento, and
within easy access to the Gold Country or the higher Sierra destinations, including Lake Tahoe only ninety minutes
away. Of course, you don't need to travel to Tahoe to see a body of water, since Folsom Lake is just a long rock toss
from downtown, making it a terrific haven for anyone lucky enough to own a boat.

An increasing population brings additional services, and there seems to be no end to the burgeoning amenities that appear
to pop up overnight. The vast Empire Ranch golf and living community, and the shops at Broadstone are but just two big
examples that the word has finally gotten out. This is a wonderful place to live, and that long-guarded secret has reluctantly
been revealed. Maybe it's time to close the door a tad.

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