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NORD ELECTRO 2 - marketing brochure

That magic is back! All those vintage keyboards packaged into one affordable and compact instrument: The Nord Electro 2
by Clavia. Voted Best Stage Piano for 2003 by M.I.P.A. (Musikmesse International Press Awards), this is the keyboard
you have been waiting for. Dreaming for. It was a long time coming, but there is no question it delivers.

At the core of this fabulous product is the digital simulation of the classic Hammond B3 organ, from the incredibly realistic
duplication of the mechanical tone wheels, to the accurate model of the original chorus and vibrato. Combine the slow and
fast rotor speed effect and it's nearly impossible to discern from the real thing. Even the semiweighted keys have been
molded in the old "waterfall" style. There is full polyphony with 9 user configurable electric drawbars, including memory
functionality and a split mode.

But this is just the beginning. Also included in the package are multi-sampled versions of the stellar Rhodes and Wurlitzer
electric pianos, the Yamaha CP80 electric grand, and the wildly popular Hohner D6 clavinet. Not to mention a concert
model acoustic Malmsjoe Grand Piano (in stereo) as a bonus. There's even a USB interface for speedy download of new
piano sounds. All wrapped up in a lightweight and extremely portable unit (less than 10 kgs).

The Nord Electro 2 comes in three versions: The sixty-one key, the seventy-three key, and the rack mount. All sport the
dynamic and authentic sounds of those cherished electro-mechanical keyboards from back in the day. There'll never be
the need to move bulky equipment again. See for yourself and experience the past. The realism will astound you!.

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